Current Projects

Print versus Screen: Newspaper Reading Today

We examine how reading of online political news is different from reading print news. In an experimental lab study, we investigate to what extent linearity of reading on paper or on screen affects visual attention to a news story as well as individual political attitudes, political interest, political efficacy and recall of news. The project makes use of eyetracking to tap visual attention (with Sanne Kruikemeier, ASCoR).

News Media, Emotions and EU Citizenship

Marie Curie Research project at the LSE that aims to explore how emotions in the news media may be used to increase the individual’s willingness to act as an EU citizen. The project also explores the influence of emotions in the media on civic behaviours and EU identity (with Michael Bruter, LSE).

Determinants of the Duration of Media Framing Effects

In this project, we test how long (experimental) news framing effects last, and if effect persistence is influenced by exposure to repetitive/competitive framing or frame type (with Andreas Schuck, ASCoR; Regula Haenggli, ASCoR; Mario Keer, TNO).

The Role of Emotions in Political Communication Research

A number of projects that center on the psychology of emotions in framing effects. For instance, do emotional reactions lead to stronger or more long-lasting framing effects? The project also explores the role of natural moods on news processing and framing effects (with Andreas Schuck, ASCoR; Claes de Vreese, ASCoR). 

Incivility in Dutch News Media: Content and Effects

An examination of the presence and effects of incivility in the Dutch media and political discourse (with Yphatch Lelkes, ASCoR, Tom Kenter, Computer Science/UvA).

Forthcoming and recent Publications

  • de Haan, Y., Kruikemeier, S., Lecheler, S., Smit, G., & van der Nat, R. (in press). When does an infographic say more than a thousand words? Audience evaluations of news visualizations. Journalism Studies.

  • Wurff, van der R., De Swert, K., & Lecheler, S. (2016). News Quality and Public Opinion: The Impact of Deliberative Quality of News Media on Citizens' Argument Repertoire. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, IJPOR. Advance online publication.

  • Lecheler, S., & de Vreese, C. H. (2016). How long do news framing effects last? A systematic review of longitudinal studies. Forthcoming in Communication Yearbook 40.

  • Lecheler, S., & Kruikemeier, S. (2016). Re-evaluating journalistic routines in a digital age. A review of research on the use of online sources. New Media & Society, 18(1), 156-171.

  • Feinholdt, A., Schuck, A.R.T., Lecheler, S., & de Vreese, C.H. (2016). Shifting frames: Conditional indirect effects of contested issues on perceived effectiveness through multiple emotions. Journal of Media Psycholgy.